Biden reads his notes, poorly

With characteristic accuracy and eloquence, Joe Biden misquoted Kellyanne Conway and asserted that “these guys are rooting for violence.” What guys? President Trump and the Trump team. So Biden said in the course of comments he made to Anderson Cooper on CNN yesterday. CNN’s editorially heavy “story” on the “interview” is posted here. Paul Mirengoff provided a close analysis of Biden’s assertion here.

Has Biden ever said a discouraging word about the BLM/Antifa thugs operating at will in Portland and elsewhere? Or about their allies in the Democratic Party? I don’t think so. In the “interview,” Biden asserts that he denounced violent protests “a long time ago,” adding that there is “no justification whatsoever for violence or looting” because it “takes away from the whole rationale for what is happening here.”

What is happening here? Don’t ask Biden. Cooper certainly didn’t.

The entire 10-minute “interview” is posted here on YouTube. CNN has posted a three-minute clip here. Most notably, the “interview” vividly put Biden’s diminished mental capacity on display (tweet below). CNN somehow overlooked this element of the story.