From the Belly of the Beast

The Daily Signal is a popular web site operated by the Heritage Foundation, and it publishes a daily email, that includes a podcast that is also very popular. I know a lot of people listen to the podcast because when I was on it on Friday, a number of people told me they had heard it.

Minneapolis is ground zero for the anti-police movement, and the interviewer, Virginia Allen, wanted to know what is going on in Minneapolis, and Minnesota generally, in the wake of the riots here. I thought the interview was excellent. It covered the political landscape in Minnesota and the Twin Cities; the current status of actions by the Minneapolis City Council to defund its police department; the polling my organization has done on Minnesotans’ attitudes toward law enforcement; the pro-police campaign that we are waging in the Twin Cities, centered on; the program that Heather Mac Donald did for Center of the American Experiment, exploding the myths surrounding the “systemic racism” narrative; and our battle with YouTube over the video of that program.

The conversation starts eight minutes into the podcast. I think it is well worth listening to.