Great Poll Results, If Accurate

Britain’s Sunday Express is doing polling in the U.S. in conjunction with the Democracy Institute, a right-leaning Washington think tank. The most recent results, as published in the Express, look great for President Trump. However, I haven’t been able to learn who the pollster was, or what partisan breakdown was sampled. Those are huge caveats, obviously. Subject to those reservations, the results are striking.

The Express/Democracy Institute Poll finds President Trump leading Joe Biden 48/46 in national popular vote. This includes leads for Trump in a long series of swing states that includes Minnesota, where Trump leads 46/45. This poll, assuming the same results on Election Day and disregarding voter fraud, sees Trump expanding on his 2016 winning margin.

The poll sees Trump getting 20% of the black vote and 38% of the Hispanic vote, winning numbers for him.

It also finds a wide enthusiasm gap in favor of President Trump, and a wide partisan difference in willingness to express political opinions. The pollsters asked, “Are you comfortable with your relatives, friends, and coworkers knowing how you vote?” Eighty-three percent of Biden voters, but only 27% of Trump voters, said “Yes.”

There is more at the link, all of it favorable to the president. Let’s hope these pollsters got it right.