Ilhan Omar: Case closed

Ilhan Omar’s father was the late Nur Said Elmi. Omar has vehemently denied that Nur Said Elmi was his name because the name reflects the fraternal relationship of Ahmed Nur Said Elmi to her — Ahmed Nur Said Elmi being the younger brother she married for fraudulent purposes in 2009. Even though the marriage had long since served its fraudulent purpose(s), Omar didn’t get around to dissolving the marriage to Elmi until 2017, just in time to marry and divorce the father of her three children before marrying her consultant and fundraiser earlier this year. It’s quite a story for someone who has repeatedly invoked her “faith tradition” as both a shield and a sword.

Omar’s father died this past June. His death provided the occasion for the public expression of condolences from many who knew him. Today David Steinberg reports that he was known by one and all in the Somali community as (Colonel) Nur Said Elmi, obviously because that was his name. See David’s Blaze column here. See also David’s Twitter thread here.

As is his custom, David dives into the story in great detail. Long story short: the case that Omar married her brother is closed.