Positive Signs

The Examiner reports that in the latest Zogby poll, President Trump stands at 52% approval, with high ratings from blacks, Hispanics and Asians. I think a couple of things are going on here, one being the riots, which are deeply unpopular with almost everyone and are generally (and correctly) attributed to Democratic Party constituencies.

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter seems determined to keep the violence going in Kenosha, where two men were killed last night in a chaotic scene:

Democrats are getting nervous. After encouraging rioting and arson for months, CNN’s Don Lemon is now worrying that Antifa- and BLM-led violence is hurting Joe Biden in the polls. Do tell!

I assume that the Kenosha riots will put Wisconsin in President Trump’s column, and the riots here in Minnesota have, at a minimum, put the state in play. There is another factor that hasn’t gotten much attention: Kanye West has made it onto the Minnesota ballot:

Democrats are outraged that the black rapper has the temerity to put himself forward as a candidate, along with the seven others who will be on the ballot.

In a statement last week, DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin questioned the move, calling it a “pathetic attempt to pull votes from Joe Biden and steal this election for Trump.”

The Star Tribune says Democrats are pondering a legal challenge. Assuming the Democrats don’t succeed in blocking West’s candidacy, will he have much impact? No, but it may not take much, if the race is as close in Minnesota as recent polls suggest. Some African-American voters (and maybe some others) who don’t like either Trump or Biden are likely to vote for West. Those numbers wouldn’t be huge, but they might be enough to offset the voter fraud that will be enabled by Minnesota’s loose electoral standards.