Talking media access

Drew Lee has clipped the audio of my segment with him and guest host Max Rymer on Justice & Drew this morning (audio below, rest of the show available in podcast form here). Drew invited me to discuss my lawsuit seeking access to the regular Minnesota Department of Health COVID-19 press briefings from which I have been excluded since April 27. See the related post earlier today here. Unfortunately, Drew accidentally cut me off in mid-rant a few seconds before my time was up, but it was probably for the best.

As I have said a time or two before, I think it’s an interesting and important First Amendment case despite the lack of media interest in it. Given Judge Frank’s initial ruling denying the motion to dismiss my case and adopting our framework of analysis, I should only have prove to the jury that I was excluded because of hostility to my point of view. Even before we commence discovery, I think we have strong circumstantial evidence to this effect and every day that goes by compounds the damages (whatever they are).