The Week in Pictures: Joementum Edition

According to the polls Joe Biden has a big lead over Trump, but I seem to recall a candidate once before named Joe (Lieberman), who claimed some early successes gave him “Joe-mentum,” right before his campaign crashed and burned. Say what you will about Trump discovering “Yo-semitism” or “Thighland” (isn’t that a club in Vegas?), but if Biden keeps stumbling at the rate he did this week, watch suppositories sell like toilet paper in a pandemic among Democrats as the pucker factor goes to eleven. Meanwhile, in other 2020 political news, the Libertarian Party candidate for president has been bitten by a potentially rabid bat. That’s no way to compete for Biden’s voting base.

Now this guy went literally the extra mile.

Headlines of the week:

They were probably lost and thought they were in Portland.

Well there goes that source of fiber in my diet.

You know he’s packing a Walther PPK, so this pic qualifies.

And finally. . .