Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll notes THINGS THAT NEVER GET OLD IN LEFTY-LOONY WORLD (Another Ongoing Series). She writes:

Calling Every Republican President Hitler

Linda Ronstadt, once a pop singer of some talent, opined that President Trump was not only Hitler, but that it’s the Mexicans who are the “new Jews.” No matter how many “new” Jews appear on the scene, Ye Boring Olde Jews seem never to drop off the bottom of the “OK to Hate” List. If thousands of leftists see no difference between rounding up your own citizens, stealing everything they own, putting them in cattle cars bound for extermination, or PREVENTING people from invading your country, sending them back alive and well to where they came from, well, then I can’t help you. You have neither brains nor a moral center.

Speaking of the brain-deficient, who can forget the unseemly spectacle of Joy Behar, fresh from her triumphant witticism about Trump flying the Russian flag over the White House, saying that he is LITERALLY Hitler? The stupidity of that cannot be measured in any known units. But simply not knowing the definition of “literally” does not begin to cover it.

It also demands a stunning historical ignorance and cultural insensitivity to be unaware of the depravity of the Third Reich. Not to mention the whole “putting children in cages” thing to protect them from pedophiles when their illegal alien parents have been incarcerated. (If they were in fact the parents and the tots were not just rented out or kidnapped for cover for the trip.) Not even to mention that that was an Obama policy.

Back in the day, I also put my child in “cages” – sometimes called a “crib” or a “playpen.” There he sat beside me in his little cage while I set type on the machine my employer put in my living room. Because I would not return to work after I had the baby I wanted so much, my employer begged me to work from home decades before it was cool. It was heaven.

Hitler tried, God knows he tried. But he couldn’t hold a candle to either Stalin or Mao in the Murder Department. Even if you add gays, Gypsies, trade unionists and Christians who aided Jews, to Hitler’s horrific body count. But you never hear the Loony Left describe someone as “literally” Mao, do you? I’ll wait while you search for that quote by a leftist.

So Trump is Hitler; George W was so Hitleresque that some half-wit was the first to think up attaching “itler” to the last letter of Bush’s name. Reagan was not so much Hitler as “an amiable dunce.” Nixon – who famously went to China, and on whose watch abortion became legal – was every bad word imaginable, including the occasional reference to der Führer.

Everything Is Racism!

This could be a series alone with enough episodes to rival Scott’s “Coronavirus” series. So I’ll just touch on a couple of particularly-stupid charges. Recently, a race-obsessed three-decade long “public servant” named Marcia L. Fudge (D-11th Dist., Ohio) said that the phased reopening of America was RACIST because the things that were opening were things Black people liked to do and therefore African-Americans would be deliberately killed in droves by COVID-19. What were those things? No, surprisingly, it wasn’t peaceful looting, which turned out to be safe, along with peaceful arson, both activities sanctioned by the Left. Guess it turns out the Wuhan Flu spittle droplets created by singing in church evaporate in flames!

Well, those Black-favored activities turned out to be hair salons and bowling. Bowling! Why, The Lightbringer Himself got on late night television and joked that he was such a bad bowler that he should compete in the Special Olympics. When the Special Olympics spokesman pointed to several Special Olympian bowlers with perfect games, one of Obama’s lackeys apologized on his behalf.

Congresswoman Fudge said only when golf courses and tanning salons were open would a phased reopening of the economy not be an obvious racist plot to harm black people. At least in Arizona, golf courses were never closed. As long as the golfers were each in a separate cart and maintaining social distance, golf remained a sanity-preserving option. Do these professional racial grievance grubbers have any idea at all how sick white people are of this relentless garbage? It used to bother me, but now it’s just static on a broken radio that plays “I Got You, Babe” over and over.

When everything is racist, there is no defense, no matter what. If the Guidelines called for ONLY opening Golf Courses and Tanning Salons, that too would have been racist. “See? White Supremacists just want things open that white people enjoy.”

The Bubba Wallace tempest not even in a teapot but in a thimble was almost as embarrassing as the Jussie Smollett mega-hoax. FIFTEEN crack FBI Agents (or 15 FBI Agents on crack) swarmed NASCAR because of an alleged teeny tiny “noose” which turned out to be something to help open the garage door, which organizers didn’t even know was going to be Bubba’s. (When teenagers painted swastikas — backwards of course — on our sidewalk in 1968, not a single FBI agent showed up!) There was the usual blanket slander of NASCAR fans, despite universal support for Bubba from the other drivers. It turns out people do not like being accused of things they did not do. So next time Bubba appeared – without a single apology to the fans for his ugly accusations – he was booed. See? Racists!

Voter Suppression

In Florida in the 2000 election debacle, the New York Times sent reporters to Florida to cover the reported massive voter suppression. Not exactly friendly to W, the Times was unable to document a single incident. No, not one. Here is what constitutes “suppression”: having set times when a voter must get his or her behind to a place to vote. You have to find a way to get to your precinct’s voting booths from (usually) 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. I know, that is horribly onerous. Back in Minnesota, the grade school where I had to go to vote was OVER SIX BLOCKS AWAY from my home. I could have gotten there doing an Army crawl and still managed to make it between those hours. When I worked all night long, I voted first thing in the morning, on my way home from third shift. When I was self-employed, I voted later.

But that is for OCD white people. In the eyes of racist Democrats, black people can never be expected to be organized enough to make it through a 12-13 hour window in a timely fashion. If that notion isn’t racist, I can’t imagine what is, although it would surely compete with the racism in the notion that black people cannot locate a DMV in order to get a picture ID.