Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll resists TRANSGENDER TYRANNY, a Gateway Drug to Total Tyranny. She writes:

As a short, round woman, I was convinced that whatever life problems I had would definitely not be solved by becoming a short, round man, even with the silly little beard all woman to man transgenders affect. Jeez! Like I need somewhere ELSE to shave.

So, yeah, I would make just a terrible transition to a pretend male. Within my social set here in the Dusty Little Village, we hang out with a cast of regulars in which all the men are unusually handsome. (How great is THAT?) And not a one of them would make anything but a very unfortunate-looking woman. Even without the beard. Or being 6’4”. Similarly, my friends Angela and Margie, part of that group, are beautiful, feminine women who could never – not with surgery until the End of Time – ever pass as men.

Near as I can tell, with the exception of Bruce Jenner, most of the male to female transgenders are mediocre athletes looking for someone they can finally beat. Bruce beat every top male competitor in the world in ten sports, so he certainly has nothing to prove there. Bet as Caitlyn, even at her age, she could probably win the Woman’s Decathlon too!

Martina once stunned and dismayed the feminist world by declaring that she would be beaten by the first 350 seeded males in tennis. She took a lot of guff for it, but she spoke the truth. Venus and Serena – whose incredible, fit, tough, strong bodies more resemble superhero cartoons than anything a random woman could ever achieve! — would beat the pants off regular guys off the street, but would also struggle against male pros.

Whether a fad, an attempt to gain a financial Diversity Advantage, or a profound confusion affecting a minuscule percentage of the population, transgenders got scant attention until suddenly, they leapt to the very top of the Oppression Food Chain. How so? This is me yelling: IT’S COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY “OPPRESSION”! In fact, a woman who becomes a man has now surrendered her Official Oppressed Person card to become a member of the icky “toxic male” oppressing class! Boo! Hiss!

Let’s break it all down, shall we? You are born a female. You can be attracted to, have sex with, even marry, either a woman or a man. You are born a male. Likewise, you can be attracted to, have sex with, even marry, either a man or a woman. You’re an elected Democrat woman politician in California. You can have sex with a man AND a woman right up until you get caught. And then Big Nan is going to make you resign and your seat will flip!

With all those options, all that freedom, what is anyone missing? Angela, the lovely happy heterosexual mentioned above, wears a hard hat at her job, can drive a truck, a motorcycle, or a tractor, can fly a plane and shoot a gun. Why would she want or need to be a guy?

Fellas, do you want to wear women’s clothes? Mazel tov and have at it. You are welcome to the high heels, bras with uncomfortable underwires, whatever. Oh, you’re gonna LOVE one-size-fits-none pantyhose. And women have been wearing pants for decades. So what’s up, seriously, with the mutilation, amputation and drugs? Especially for children.

Transgenders lay claim to a kind of dysphoria and say they “feel” like the other gender somehow. And they have to “live their truth,” as long as that truth is paid for by somebody else. Sorry. It’s as offensive to me when a guy says he “feels like” a woman as it would be to a black person if I demanded to be “trans-racified” because I “feel like” an African-American. If you AREN’T something, how can you FEEL like that thing? How the hell do men know what a woman feels like? And if you never have and never will have Midol-worthy cramps, PMS, or hot flashes, then you will be missing the most defining things about womanhood.

Nobody wants to date transgenders. And not without reason. Gay men want to date other actual men. Of course they do! Gay women are attracted to women, not men in a dress. Straight men want a woman (often several); straight women want a man.

Do I think such confused individuals should be abused in any way? Of course not. But neither should they have any special privileges. They should either use the unisex family restroom or the one to which they biologically belong. I do not want and will not abide a man in my restroom, and have a history of enforcing it.

Nor should they compete in any sport except in the biological category they were born into. If testosterone weren’t a grossly unfair advantage, you would see women who transitioned into men beating the men in sports. They don’t. That only goes one way.

An old joke making fun of actors goes “How many actors does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” And the answer is “10. One to go up the ladder and do the job and nine to stand around the ladder crying, ‘That should be ME up there.’”

It’s a funny joke, with more than a grain of truth in it about the narcissism of many actors, but I have rarely seen a more pathetic picture than the New Zealand Women’s Powerlifting Awards ceremony with the testosterone-laden “woman” winning the gold and the actual women who trained and worked like crazy to compete at that level looking completely dejected. Eyes cast down, shoulders slumped like Red Chinese political prisoners being publicly shamed for their Wrongthink. (Coming soon to a public square near you if Biden wins in November).

Isn’t it fascinating with all the “settled science” denying that there is even such a thing as two biological sexes that when a transgendered person is MISTAKEN for the other sex that all hell breaks loose? Why? What’s the big deal if there’s no such thing as gender?

Remember the giant lumbering loon in eye makeup in the hardware store who kicked over displays and attacked the poor hapless young clerk with obscenities because he failed to call him “Ma’am”? Way to prove your feminine bona fides, Jasper! A mislabeled transgendered man from Georgia would have sweetly said, “Bless your heart, honey, but I am a lady.”

Billionaire author, J.K. Rowling, herself a dedicated left-wing feminist, has run into the Twitter buzzsaw for stating that transgenders are encroaching upon and bent on eliminating women. What are transgender men, but men proving that they are better than women at everything, including at being women? Good for her for not caving to The Mob. Refreshing! It’s all about control. If the Stalinists in the Democratic Party can make you say that we need tampons in the men’s room, and free abortion for men, they can make you raise your fist for BLM in a restaurant. They can make you say or do anything. Including voting for Joe Biden.