Officers Shot In Compton [Updated]

Two deputy sheriffs in Compton, California were shot last night by a man who approached their squad car while it was parked on the street, and opened fire:

The deputies are a 31-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man. Both were shot multiple times and are in critical condition. After they were taken to a local hospital, a mob of “protesters” gathered outside the hospital and shouted “We hope you die,” and so on. There were scuffles and arrests at the scene. “Protesters” reportedly tried to force their way into the hospital’s emergency room, but failed.

I blame Black Lives Matter. And when I say “Black Lives Matter,” I include the corporations and foundations that have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into that violent, racist, Marxist organization.

UPDATE: A taxpayer-funded NPR reporter was among those arrested for interfering with efforts to clear emergency access to the hospital where the two sheriff’s deputies were being operated on: