The Decline and Fall of California in Two Maps

Yesterday afternoon, as the temperature in many parts of the Los Angeles area topped 110 degrees, the mayor of Los Angeles issued this tweet:

It was known for nearly a week that we were in for record-breaking heat this weekend, and remember that as it is a holiday weekend, most industry (that is still left in the state) is shut down, which ought to have made it easier to secure enough power for citizens.

My power went out for more than five hours last night, though because of an old-fashioned blown transformer. I live in an area exempt from the planned rolling blackouts because I’m close to a hospital, but there were lots of those yesterday. We may get them again this afternoon.

Meanwhile, here are the PGE and SCE maps of current outages in Los Angeles and the Bay Area as of 10 am Pacific time:

You too can have a decrepit grid like this when you pay twice the national average for electricity that doesn’t work when you need it.