Videos for a Holiday Weekend

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve resisted starting a regular “Videos of the Week” feature for a variety of reasons, but as this is a holiday weekend, and there’s no NFL football on today like there’s supposed to be, we’ll offer up an ad hoc video gallery. It does have a few uniting themes.

First, one of my variables for predicting who will win an election is which campaign is having more fun along the way. Think Ronald Reagan rolling an orange down the aisle of his campaign plane every time it took off after a campaign stop in 1980. Well, the Trump campaign is clearly having fun with videos like “Can Joe Come Out and Debate?”

At the same time, it is nice to see that the Trump campaign is also willing to throw down:

And fitting in with my theme of the campaign that’s having the most fun, I’m not sure if this video is entirely authentic, but the spirit of it seems right:

And this independent production is worth taking in too:

Next, if you want to see how liberals think policing should now be done, go no further than this Key and Peele sketch from a few years back that nails it (and remember that Key and Peele are very left):

And for our country music fans, “I Think My Dog’s a Democrat”:

Finally, J.P. Sears has been busy, with several new videos in recent days that we’ll want to share. Here’s a brand new one on the COVID reporting funny business: