Biden’s destructive education program

There are dozens of reasons why conservatives and moderates should vote for President Trump. One reason that has received virtually no attention is education, an issue as central as any to America’s future.

President Trump has tried to combat the rot in higher education. As Stanley Kurtz points out, Trump’s popular Executive Order on Campus Free Speech was followed by an Executive Order banning the use of Critical Race Theory, not only in federal training sessions but for federal contractors and grant recipients, including colleges and universities. And the Trump administration has tried, through Department of Education “guidance,” to bring fairness to the college disciplinary process, so that male students can’t be tossed out of college without proper process on the mere allegation of sex harassment.

A Biden administration would reverse these initiatives. But that’s only the tip of iceberg of mischief his administration would impose.

Kurtz identifies the additional consequences of electing Joe Biden:

If Democrats manage to pass the Equality Act, transgender students will win dorm assignments and compete in college sports based on their chosen gender identity rather than their biological sex. Privacy and basic fairness for female students will be a thing of the past.

Faith-based institutions will be thrown back on the courts for protection. That protection will surely fail should Democrats pack the Court.

Then, there’s Biden debt college forgiveness program, which Kurtz accurately calls an affront to progressivism:

Under Biden, the majority of Americans who are without a college degree end up subsidizing college-educated borrowers. Yet those who are subsidized will ultimately enjoy higher incomes than the blue-collar folks doing the subsidizing. When you consider that college-educated voters tend to support Democrats, this bit of Robin Hood in reverse makes perfect sense.

Better still, borrowers who go to work for non-profits dedicated to “community service” will get tens of thousands of dollars in additional loan forgiveness. This fulfills the Obama administration’s long-held goal of stocking leftist “community organizations” with college graduates paying off their loans. This is yet another way in which the Biden higher education plan serves to lock in the woke revolution.

Team Biden envisages a massive expansion of the public higher education sector. It has largely adopted Bernie Sanders’s socialist plan to massively expand our education system and direct it from the federal center.

By contrast, the Trump administration has recognized that Americans need other, less expensive and time-consuming ways to train for rewarding careers. Thus, it has promoted apprenticeship programs. Electing Biden would mean reversing gears, causing ever more Americans to waste years in college, subject, of course, to woke indoctrination.

What about K-12? Here, Kurtz expects a revival of the Obama administration’s stealth imposition of Common Core. His critique of Common Core is beyond the scope of this post. It’s enough to note that the new Common Core will include instruction in Civics, thus enabling the left to impose still further its woke agenda (including encouraging students to launch BLM protests outside police stations) on students.

Biden also proposes universal pre-K. This would entail massive federal spending on a program that conservative, and some liberal, analysts have shown to be ineffective in improving children’s achievement. It would also drive out private providers who offer parents a pre-K choice.

The main benefit of universal pre-K would be to increase the membership of teachers’ unions. This probably explains why Democrats are so insistent on an ineffective program — that, and the fact, that the program, with all of its accompanying social workers and psychologists, would intrude further on the sphere of the family. It takes a village, don’t you know?

And, of course, the Biden education plan promises to restore the Obama-era prohibition on school discipline that disproportionately affects various racial groups, even when discipline is imposed in an equal and unbiased manner for the very same offense. As we have argued, this policy is disastrous. It deprives students, including Blacks, of the right to learn in a non-chaotic classroom environment.

In addition, the Biden-Sanders Unity Platform contains plans that, according to Kurtz, “would all but drive charter schools from the educational field.” Again, the losers would include Black students whose parents hope, through charter schools, to liberate them from failed public schools.

America’s future depends to a considerable degree on its education systems. For that reason, among others, its future depends to a considerable degree on defeating Joe Biden.