We are living through the weirdest election season ever. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris appear at a rally in Arizona, and no one shows up:

Literally, not one member of his own party will cross the street to see Joe Biden, and yet, he is the odds-on favorite to be elected president. Strange.

I am not sure whether anyone is still watching television these days. I’m not.* But for those who are, President Trump has released two excellent new ads. Here they are:

Will they be effective? I don’t know. They relate to issues, which are so 2016. Most Americans have moved on, apparently.

* I turned on a television set for the first time in quite a while last weekend to watch a terrific Russian movie that Scott recommended, The Ascent, set during World War II, on TCM. I don’t see it on Netflix, but if you can track it down, it is well worth watching. [UPDATE: I see that at the link, you can watch it if you sign up for the Criterion Channel, which I believe has a lot of good films.]