Climate Virtue Signaling Falls Short

Last week we reported on a survey that found climatistas fly more often than other academics/scientists/activists, a result entirely unsurprising to our readership. Today Nature magazine gets around to reporting on the survey, passing along some additionally embarrassing facts that I missed the first time around.

The Nature story reports that, yes, indeed climate scientists fly more than other experts, but “make greater effort to offset their emissions.” That sentence appears in the subhed of the story. How much greater effort to offset their flying emissions? Not until the next to last paragraph do we get the actual numbers:

The study also showed that climate researchers are more likely to try to mitigate the damage of flying by buying carbon offsets. Some 44% of climate scientists and 26% of non-climate scientists said they had done this at least once.

Never mind that carbon offsets are a virtue-signaling scam, designed to let the rich and powerful buy themselves a clean conscience—the Green Religion version of buying indulgences for sin. I suggest an alternative headline: “Survey Finds Mass Hypocrisy Among Climate Scientists: Fewer Than Half Offset Their Emissions.” Only 44 percent of climate scientists have offset their emissions “at least once”?

The “at least once” is the most delicious bit. I guess climate indulgences come with a lifetime guarantee.