Election: Let’s Get Ready to Rummmble!

So here’s a special bonus open to all Power Line readers: Tomorrow from 12:50 – 2 pm, Pacific Time, I’ll be doing a dialogue about the election on Zoom with political scientist Thomas Mann, who was one of the earliest carriers of the Trump Derangement Syndrome, the out-of-control pandemic on the left. I’ve actually known Tom for 40 years, having met him when I was a precocious undergraduate. And yet somehow he still looks younger than me.

We’re going to kick around—I hope—the serious long-term issues facing both parties at the moment, come what may next Tuesday. Anyway, if you want to tune in to listen, and throw in a question, you’ll find the Zoom link below.

Here’s the advert for the event:

And here’s the Zoom link (n.b.: the reason for the odd time is that we need to fit into the law school’s daily class schedule, and this event is co-sponsored by the Federalist Society at Berkeley Law):


[Note: This Zoom session is set up in “Meeting” format rather than “Webinar” format, which means you will be visible on the group view tab unless you turn off your camera, which you on the control ribbon at the bottom of the Zoom screen that you access by moving your cursor down; in any case everyone should mute their mics.]

P.S. This is the kind of live event that you get access to if you sign up to be a Power Line VIP member. Just sayin.