Is the “Zoom Dick Incident” Peak 2020? (Updated)

If you thought 2020 couldn’t get any more weird, behold a headline so awesome that even the New York Post couldn’t have made it up:

Of course, this story (and headline) understates it, as it merely confirms what every sentient being has long known about Toobin. Zooming in was hardly necessary. Though, eew. (Maybe he was just pining to be cast in the remake of Blazing Saddles. See below.*)

UPDATE: Additional reporting claims that Toobin was participating in a live “election simulation.” He must have mis-heard one or both of the terms. Could happen to anyone.

Meanwhile, Slow Joe Biden revealed his ignorance for the millionth time with his suggestion that police try to shoot people in the leg in potentially violent situation, which assures that more stray bullets will put innocent bystanders at risk. But then what do you expect from a balladier of his advanced expertise:

* Toobin’s inspiration?

JOHN adds: Sometimes Steve is too subtle. On the off chance you haven’t already read about it, this is what happened:

I have had only one encounter with Toobin, some years ago, but it was enough to convince me that he is a bad guy. Mollie Hemingway reminds us: