It Will Be Hard to Carry Pennsylvania… [Updated]

…or Ohio, or New Mexico, not to mention Texas, North Dakota or Louisiana (not that he was going to win them anyway) now that Joe Biden has made it clear that he wants to destroy the oil and gas industries. Note, too, that Colorado, a state counted on by Democrats, produces four percent of American oil. The Trump campaign quickly followed up on Biden’s admission in last night’s debate:

I’d like to see similar ads in other states, especially Colorado and New Mexico.

It would be lunacy to do away with oil and gas. Why on Earth would Joe Biden and many other Democrats, including Kamala Harris, advocate such an impractical idea? I think it is because they live in a bubble in which the fantasy of “green” energy is accepted as reality. In fact, the laws of physics dictate that we will never get all, or most, of our energy from obsolete sources like wind and solar. Liberals can dream to their hearts’ content, and pass legislation demanding more and more wind and solar, but they might as well order the tides to stop rising. It won’t happen.

Meanwhile, it is good that Biden is fully out of the closet on this important issue.

UPDATE: Vulnerable Democrats are distancing themselves from Biden’s rare burst of honesty. So you know where the votes are.