Surprise Shock Headline of the Week

I know you’ve all been anxious to know. I know the suspense has been killing you. Given that Taylor Swift gave her coveted endorsement to Joe Biden weeks ago, what was taking Greta Thunberg, Time magazine’s Person of the Year, so long to make up her mind? Well, the suspense is over:

Claiming she never engages in “party politics” teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg nevertheless endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden Saturday

“The upcoming US elections is above and beyond all that. From a climate perspective it’s very far from enough and many of you of course supported other candidates. But, I mean…you know…damn! Just get organized and get everyone to vote #Biden,” the 17-year old Swede tweeted.

Well that should just about seal the deal for Slow Joe. But how dare she! She’s not even a citizen!