The case for Trump 2020

The great Victor Davis Hanson sat down earlier this week with Peter Robinson for a podcast on the choice before us in the election on November 3. I have embedded the podcast below via Stitcher. It is also posted at Ricochet under the title “House of Deplorables: Victor Davis Hanson makes his final case for Trump.” The title alludes to Victor’s book The Case For Trump (2019), out in paperback this year along with The Second World Wars. The Ricochet summary previews the podcast:

In this one on one conversation, Peter Robinson takes Victor through all the reasons to cast a vote for Donald Trump and challenges Victor with a few reasons not to pull the lever for him. It’s an enlightening and informative hour and should be required listening (if we do say so ourselves) for all voters, especially those who are still undecided. Have at it.

The podcast picks up where Peter left off with Victor in the May 2019 episode of Peter’s Uncommon Knowledge series. YouTube has logged an astounding 4.8 million views of that episode, the audio and video of which are posted here on the site of the Hoover Institution while the video is posted here on Hoover’s YouTube channel. After taking in the update below, please pass it on.