The pandemic exception (or not)

Under cover of the COVID–19 epidemic the authorities have severely contracted our fundamental constitutional rights for the past seven months and counting. Our right to practice our faith is long gone. With the elections next Tuesday impending, our right to assemble has been severely infringed. It’s almost shocking.

With former Nation of Islam hustler Keith Ellison our top lawman, we are living a nightmare. It undoubtedly previews the Democrats’ big plans for us in the event that they take the levers of power without obstruction next year.

Yesterday Ellison threw his weight around under Governor Walz’s executive orders to interfere with the Trump rallies scheduled in the state today and perhaps this weekend. See this KSTP Eyewitness News report.

Last month John Hinderaker explored the dimensions of the voter fraud taking place under cover of the epidemic via the leadership of hacktastic Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon. Yesterday the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals filed an opinion seeking to put a lid on one prong of Simon’s voter fraud extravaganza.

The Eighth Circuit opinion is accessible online here and via the tweets below. Notable quote: “There is no pandemic exception to the Constitution.” Thank you, Judges Shepherd and Grasz, that is inspirational, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.