The Shocking Bias and Incompetence of Our Public Schools

With an election impending, the public schools are teaching our children about the issues and the candidates. One of their primary tools is Scholastic Magazine, which I think is read by millions of school children and is the basis for instruction in countless classrooms. A friend alerted me to the fact that the current issue includes profiles of President Trump and Joe Biden and describes their positions on several issues.

This is what our children are being told about President’s Trump’s position on “Racial Justice”:

The long history of unjust treatment of Black people in America is a major focus of this election.

This past spring, in the wake of police killings of Black Americans, huge protests erupted across the country in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic has seriously underscored the widespread problem of racial inequality in the United States. Data show that people of color are contracting and dying of the virus at the highest rates, largely because of the wealth gap that exists between white people and people of color. Many Americans of all races are now demanding an end to police violence and other injustices toward Black people in this country.

That’s the preface. This is an issue, according to Scholastic Magazine, on which there is only one possible perspective.

In June, President Trump signed an executive order encouraging police departments to change how they train officers and use force. But overall, he has defended law enforcement…

As well he should!

…opposed protesters’ calls for reforms, and taken an aggressive stance against the largely peaceful demonstrations.

“Largely peaceful,” the Democrats’ weasel phrase.

In July, for instance, he sent federal police to Portland, Oregon, to break up rallies there. Local officials say those officers illegally detained protesters and sparked violence.

This is outrageous. What was happening in Portland was not “rallies.” It was rioting, arson, crime and violence. The idea that the presence of federal officers “sparked violence” is a far-left trope that is totally at odds with the facts. The violence long preceded, and succeeded, any federal involvement.

Many people see the president’s response to the protests as part of a pattern of racism.

“Many people.” The most dishonest trick of the left-wing journalist.

He has repeatedly made racist statements and at times shown support for people who promote white supremacy.

This is a lie. It is intended to poison young minds against the president, his party and his supporters.

He has also largely refused to acknowledge the role racism plays in America. For example, he has dismissed research showing that Black people are more likely than white people to be stopped, arrested, and killed by the police.

I am not sure what exactly Trump has said about such research, but every well-informed person knows that black people are more likely to be stopped, arrested and shot because they commit more crimes, per capita, than other ethnic groups. This fact is not disputed, but needless to say, Scholastic Magazine doesn’t mention it.

Scholastic ends by acknowledging that Trump’s economy has produced record low unemployment for “Black and Latinx people.”

Now, how about Joe Biden? Scholastic begins with the same preface that is quoted above.

Joe Biden has said racism is a problem that needs urgent attention in the U.S. He acknowledges that inequality between Black people and white people is the result of long-standing laws and policies.

Like, affirmative action? That 50-year-old policy has conveniently been forgotten.

Then follows a claim that in the 1980s and 90s, Biden supported “legislation that hurt Black Americans” by being “tough on crime.” Actually, such legislation helped blacks, the principal victims of crime. But that isn’t something Scholastic Magazine, or the public school system, wants our kids to know. It continues:

Last year, Biden expressed regret for criminal justice laws he championed in the Senate that have contributed to racial injustice. Going forward, he says that he is committed to rooting out racism in the criminal justice system, from policing practices to sentencing laws. As president, he says he would enact polices to close the racial wealth gap, which is a direct result of centuries of racist laws, policies, and practices.

It is? That is a highly controversial claim, at best. Academic research suggests that it has much more to do with cultural values and family formation, or lack thereof. And of course there is no mention of other races, like Asian-Americans, who on average substantially outearn both blacks and whites.

For example, he has pledged to expand access to high-quality education, business opportunities, health care, and housing for Black Americans. He has also called for the U.S. government to increase investigations into claims bias and brutality against Black people in police departments nationwide, so that patterns of discrimination can be exposed and fixed.

In other words: tell your parents to vote for Joe Biden! What our public schools are telling our kids about the election is identical to the propaganda being put out by the Biden campaign.

Our public schools are so incompetent, and so ridiculously biased, that they are a threat to the Republic. I think voters should seriously consider abolishing them altogether. Whatever private arrangements would arise in the resulting vacuum could only be an improvement.

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