Tom Lyden versus Project Veritas

FOX9 is the local FOX channel in the Twin Cities. It’s not an affiliate. FOX owns it. Tom Lyden works as an investigative reporter on the news side of the operation. I have a healthy respect for Tom’s work and, in one case involving a story on Ilhan Omar that FOX9 deposited down the memory hole, even stood up for its accuracy when he has stood down. Tom got the story right, but the force exerts magical powers to protect Ilhan Omar. That’s the way it goes in Minnesota.

Tom has now taken on the Project Veritas investigation of voter fraud in Minneapolis’s Ward 6. We posted the Project Veritas videos here (part 1) and here (part 2). Tom swings wildly at the Project Veritas investigation in “Subject of Project Veritas voter fraud story says he was offered bribe” (video below).

Yesterday afternoon Project Veritas sent me the following message:

We are reacting to an outrageous story out of Minneapolis Fox9—they literally left the truth on the cutting room floor. We are going nuclear on these guys—we want you to be a part of this. Fox9 ignored our statements to them about their hit piece on the First Amendment.

Before the story aired [on Monday night], we talked to the reporter Tom Lyden. We told him there was no $10,000 bribe offered to Liban Mohamed, also known as Liban Osman. We told Tom Lyden our Project Veritas Insider Omar Jamal did not recant or backpedal away from the video of cash for ballot documents exchange. In fact, we told Lyden that our court-certified translator verified that Jamal did not recant—he told us that he did not have his own translator.

In the Fox9 report, Liban admits to having 20 ballots in his car, instead of 300—that is still more than six times the legal limit. We told Tom Lyden Minnesota’s ban on individuals handling more than three ballots was not suspended—he even acknowledged to us that he understood that enforcement of the three-ballot rule was suspended pending a court-challenge, but it was not overturned. Lyden also acknowledged to us that when Minnesota’s high court Sept. 4 affirmed the three-ballot limit that any violations were open for prosecution—all of this was left on the cutting room floor.

James O’Keefe responds in the video below.

Tom’s concluding remarks about Project Veritas’s “disinformation campaign” are particularly rich. Like Mike Lindell, I was contacted by Project Veritas in advance of the release of the videos to let me know that they were coming. O’Keefe is skilled in the public relations necessary to support a maverick media operation. The accusation of “disinformation” (via the New York Times) based on these pre-release contacts represents a classic case of projection.

I will only say based on my own work that the Project Veritas videos barely scratch the surface of the corruption in Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District. Tom Lyden could dig into that story if he wanted to, but for some reason in this case he prefers to attack the messenger.