WTH is going on? Trump explains

President Trump sat down for the WTH Is Going On? podcast with AEI’s Marc Thiessen and Danielle Pletka this past Tuesday. Through the courtesies of our friends at AEI, I have embedded the podcast below.

AEI previews the podcast with this summary:

What’s going on in the White House? Three weeks out from the 2020 election, has President Trump fully recovered from COVID? Does he have a strategy beyond his base? What would a second term hold?

President Donald Trump joined the show to talk about having COVID, the Supreme Court confirmation hearings, and foreign policy. He also discusses what he hopes to accomplish in a second Trump term, the COVID lockdowns, the economy, and Operation Warp Speed.

Trump sounds great. Listening to Trump in this interview is energizing. By the way, the title of the WTH? podcast derives from President Trump himself, as you can hear at the opening.

The interview is the source of Marc’s current Washington Post column here, but there is no substitute for the real thing. Thanks to AEI for helping us present it to our readers.