After last night thread

I went to bed at 2:00 a.m. (Central) thinking President Trump had won the election. The morning after the result is in doubt. It’s too damn close. The purpose of this post is to invite readers to weigh in with comments while we await additional results.

President Trump does not appear to have added any states to those he won in 2016 and appears likely to lose a few this time around. The PredictIt presidential election betting market has the president facing long odds for reelection.

Cocaine Mitch was not only reelected to a seventh term by a wide margin, he figures to remain Senate Majority Leader. If President Trump does not prevail, Cocaine Mitch becomes the GOP’s most valuable player. He knows how to play his hand.

We have to be grateful that Joni Ernst, Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, (apparently) Thom Tillis, Steve Daines, and other Republican incumbents held on to their seats. Our friend Tom Cotton won without drawing a Democratic opponent in Arkansas.

Defeated by Tommy Tuberville, Democratic Alabama incumbent Doug Jones is polishing his résumé. Recall that Chuck Schumer dispensed with Minnesota Senator Al Franken to facilitate Jones’s election. I’d like to get Franken’s comment on Jones’s defeat. John James may yet unseat incumbent Democratic Senator Gary Peters in Michigan.

The Democrats spent an ungodly sum on long-shot Senate races. In the aggregate, it appears that Republican senatorial candidates have saved us from the nightmare of a Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Democrats even appear to have lost seats in the House, including the seat held by Donna do-nothing Shalala in Miami. Michelle Fischbach flipped one long-held Democratic seat in Minnesota’s Seventh District and Tyler Kistner cme within two percent (9,000) votes of flipping Minnesota’s Second District. The deceased Legal Marijuana Now candidate remained on the ballot contrary to a state law that was invalidated in a lawsuit brought by Craig. Still on the ballot, the deceased Legal Marijuana Now candidate drew nearly 25,000 votes. I hope the impressive Mr. Kistner can take another shot at the seat in the next cycle after the smoke has cleared.

President Trump’s strong performance in the election must come as a great surprise to citizens who get their news from the garbage media and their garbage pollsters. Ditto the Dems’ failure to take the Senate. Ditto the Dems’ loss of seats in the House.

The garbage media must be deemed one of last night’s biggest losers. Despite the media’s best efforts, in vast swaths of the United States, President Trump is an intensely appreciated figure and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not.