Election day thread [with rolling updates]

A commenter asked us to open an election day thread that can be updated to keep comments in one place. I’m not sure how much we will have to say before the polls close, but I wanted to kick it off with this post and invite commenters to have their say.

RealClearPolitics has posted the predictive column posted at Medium by Phillip Stutts. Stutts boldly looks ahead in “Here is what will happen.” Rich Baris offers a contrarian take on the polling with which we are all familiar. Baris’s site is People’s Pundit Daily. The site is set up to report results live today. Below is the companion tweet.

Baris has conducted his own polling in battleground states, including Minnesota. In his most recent polling he found Pennsylvania voters deadlocked at 48 percent. George Parry takes up the issue of fraud in “Stealing Pennsylvania.”

Baris commented on what he has seen so far while criticizing other prominent pollsters and pundits in yesterday’s pre-election installment of “What are the odds?” with Robert Barnes, who takes up the betting angle. I found the discussion interesting and entertaining.

UPDATE: Let’s throw in Los 3 de La Habana’s “Trump Song” here for good measure.

LIVE FROM SCRANTON: Introduced by Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, the Democratic presidential nominee spoke to a throng of what looks like 50 or so supporters in a vacant Scranton parking lot this morning. Excluding reporters, I wonder how big the crowd of supporters was. Others milled around in the background. I think it’s fair to say that the enthusiasm was expertly contained. Perhaps the mask and the discount bullhorn had something to do with it. Where are the honking cars of recent days?

STEVE adds: This is some epic trolling, except he’s got India and Venezuela wrong.

ITEM: I just caught the news that Lady Gaga appeared for Biden in Pennsylvania last night. Her Ladyship belongs to some Hollywood group that is opposed to fracking; was this such a good idea? I seem to recall that Hillary’s last stop in Philadelphia in 2016 also featured celebrities, and I know that whenever there is a burning public policy issue, I always want to know first what Hollywood celebrities think about it.

Which reminds me of M. Stanton Evans’s sendup of Lady Gaga:

I see that Lady Gaga showed up for the MTV Music Awards fully accessorized in meat. A meat hat, a meat purse, a meat dress. I think there are two possible explanations. Perhaps she was trying to make a profound statement about how God had given man dominion over the created order, and therefore has control over the lower animals to use as he saw fit. Or, . . . [pause for effect] . . . maybe she was trying to call attention to herself, I don’t know.

ITEM: Nate Bronze sounds nervous here.