Facebook Fact-Checks Me [Updated]

The establishment is in full protect-Joe mode. The Left’s most important propaganda theme these days is that there is no such thing as voter fraud. Thus, when I did a post on Power Line titled Massive Voter Fraud In Wisconsin?, and linked to it on Facebook, the Facebook lefties were lying in wait. This is what it looked like:

If you followed the link, this is what you saw:

So the alleged fact-checker was USA Today, a worthless outlet whom Glenn Reynolds recently fired because they wouldn’t run his column about the Joe Biden scandals. Great fact-checkers!

The explanation given for Facebook’s “fact check” is that “Wisconsin turnout [is] in line with past elections, didn’t jump 22%.” But my Facebook post said nothing about Wisconsin turnout jumping by 22%. Neither did my Power Line post, which I doubt anyone from USA Today or Facebook actually read. According to Wisconsin officials, that state had a record turnout in 2020, not one that was “in line with past elections,” so Facebook’s “fact check” is blatantly false. Also, obviously, it doesn’t even attempt to deal with anything I wrote in my Power Line post, which, among other things, explained why some observers have made exaggerated claims relating to Wisconsin’s 2020 turnout numbers. Nor does it try to explain why there is something wrong with what I wrote on Facebook, which was that “the numbers suggest” that there was major voter fraud in Wisconsin–a claim that, as far as I know, stands unrebutted.

So Facebook is a Democratic Party platform that will do all it can to help Joe Biden cling to his tenuous electoral lead. No surprise there. But the extent to which the internet platforms that control most avenues for the distribution of facts and opinions are willing to lie and cheat to support one political party is alarming. We live in a world that the Founders never contemplated.

It isn’t only Facebook, of course. Earlier today I linked to Rudy Giuliani’s Philadelphia press conference, in which Republicans who tried to carry out their statutorily-mandated right to observe and police the vote-counting process in that city were denied any ability to participate by Democrats, who either barred them from the vote-counting rooms entirely, or else stationed them so far away that they couldn’t see anything. This was in obvious violation of Pennsylvania law, and I haven’t seen any attempt to defend what the Democrats did as lawful, let alone fair. Nonetheless, if you watched the YouTube video of the press conference, or considered watching it, you saw this assurance from Google/YouTube:

“Robust safeguards help ensure the integrity of elections and results.” That sounds like something Josef Stalin would have said. To be fair, Stalin knew he was lying–“It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes”–while God only knows whether the Democratic Party minions at Facebook and Google actually believe what they say. In any event, what they say is patent bullshit. No one who pays attention could possibly believe that American elections in places like Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Detroit have “Robust safeguards” that “ensure the integrity of elections and results.” Rather, they are riddled with Democrat Party-inspired voter fraud, more of which comes to light with each day that goes by.

UPDATE: I should add that my Power Line post on voter fraud in Wisconsin, which was fair and balanced, has been read 86,000 times, so it’s not as though Facebook’s leftists can entirely stifle free speech. The key is to be on the free internet, as we are, not beholden to Democratic Party-controlled internet platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google.

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