Friday Event: Live Podcast Taping and Whisky Sipping!

By popular demand of our 12 listeners and in emulation of many of our podcast peers on the Ricochet network—but against our better judgment—”Lucretia” and I will be hosting a live taping of our Three Whisky Happy Hour this Friday afternoon at 4 pm Pacific/7 pm eastern. And—bonus!—we’re going to make the Zoom session a webinar format open to the entire Power Line readership for free, though we hope people who like these live events will want to become VIP subscribers and participate in our VIP-only web events and other premium offerings.

We’ll be checking in with important whisky news, the latest news about the post-election scene, and also getting back to our graduate tutorial about why philosophical snobbery is actually the core value of the left. We’ll also be taking listener questions in the Zoom chat window.

So pull up your favorite adult beverage (doesn’t have to be whisky, but we’ll be keeping the faith) and join us, or if the time doesn’t work, you can listen to the podcast as usual Saturday morning.

We’re limited by our Zoom account to 500 participants, so we can’t guarantee that everyone will be able to log in. And hopefully demand won’t be so high that we crash our account, but we’ll see. In any case, if you want to listen in and send in some questions or comments, you’ll need to use this link at 4 pm Pacific on Friday.

Who knows—we might even tip off “Lucretia’s identity!