Macron—Defender of the West?

Who would have thought that French President Emmanuel Macron would emerge as a Defender of the West against the multicultural nihilism eating away at our foundations. In the aftermath of the beheading of a French schoolteacher for the sin of displaying some of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed, Macron has not been mincing words. In fact he’s been sounding like the polar opposite of an American-style “inclusionary” diveresicrat. The Gatestone Institute has a good rundown:

According to Le Monde, Macron, in a recent cabinet meeting, said: “Alignment with American multiculturalism is a form of defeatist thought… Our model is universalist and not multiculturalist… You should not care if someone is black, yellow or white, whether they are Catholic or Muslim; the person is first and foremost a citizen…”

There’s lots more at the link.