Massive Voter Fraud In Wisconsin? [Updated]

News outlets tell us that President Trump underperformed in key midwestern states, compared with 2016. But that isn’t exactly true. Take Wisconsin: four years ago, Trump carried the state with 1,405,284 votes. This year, with 99% of the vote tabulated, Trump had 1,610,007 votes, more than 200,000 more votes than he received four years ago. Yet, we are told, he lost the state to the inept Joe Biden.

That seems unlikely. There were 3,684,726 registered voters in Wisconsin going into Election day. The total votes recorded in Wisconsin were 3,240,549. That would give Wisconsin a turnout of 88%. [UPDATE: The current vote total is 3,297,420, which would yield a turnout of over 89%. However, Wisconsin permits same-day registration, so the number of such registrations would bring that percentage down somewhat.] According to Ballotpedia, no American state in the period 2002-2018 has ever achieved a turnout rate of 80% or higher. [UPDATE: These are turnout numbers expressed as percentage of eligible voters, not registered voters, so the percentages are not directly comparable.] For purposes of comparison, in 2016 Wisconsin had a 67 percent turnout rate. [UPDATE: Wisconsin tabulates turnout as a percentage of the estimated voting-age population, so these numbers would be lower than the percentages of registered voters.] If you are credulous, you can believe that 21% more Wisconsinites voted this year, compared with the red-hot election of four years ago, and 248,000 more Wisconsinites turned out to vote for the charismatic Joe Biden this year than voted for Hillary Clinton four years ago. I think those numbers are almost certainly false, the result of ballot manipulation.

The Gateway Pundit has more on this issue. It says that seven Democratic wards in Milwaukee reported more votes than registered voters, while 90 Milwaukee wards reported turnouts of more than 90%. Altogether, the City of Milwaukee reported a “record turnout of 84 percent.” That includes, of course, registered voters who have died, moved elsewhere, and so on.

Some of those Biden votes, according to the Gateway Pundit and the sources it links to, showed up suddenly in the middle of the night. Funny how that happens. Gateway produces this chart, which I have NOT verified, showing a sudden infusion of Biden votes when no one was watching:

I have not had time to delve deeply enough into the Wisconsin numbers to say definitively that voter fraud occurred there on a large scale. I will say this, however: one of two things is true. The first is that Wisconsin experienced a voter turnout that neither it nor any other state has ever come close to in the modern era, on behalf of the worst candidate nominated in the modern era. The second is that the Democrats used voter fraud on a massive scale to stake a claim to Wisconsin’s electoral votes.

STEVE adds: Here’s the historical data for Wisconsin turnout—

UPDATE: Several readers have written to say that the comparison in this post is inapt because it contrasts turnout among eligible voters in one data set, to turnout among registered voters in the other. When I have time later in the day I will figure out whether this is correct and, if appropriate, adjust the numbers. However, any such adjustment will not alter the basic point: given that President Trump received more than 200,000 more votes in 2020 than in 2016, Joe Biden’s alleged victory implies an implausible level of turnout (not to mention a level of enthusiasm for Biden that was apparent nowhere on the ground), some of which came from plainly inaccurate vote totals in Milwaukee.

FURTHER UPDATE: A reader writes:

If you pull up “Presidential General Election Turnout 2012-2016 County and Municipality.xlsx” what you find is that Wisconsin uses estimated voting age population (rather than registered voters) for its turnout denominator. In 2012, there were 3,080,628 votes out of 4,378,741 estimated age appropriate voters, for a 70.35% turnout. 2016 dropped to around 2,965,685 votes, with a higher 4,463,565 estimated age population, for 66.44% turnout.

The “Voter Turnout Partisan-NonPartisan Through August 2020.xlsx” suggests that there are now 4,536,417 estimated age population voters. … Published reports show 1,630,542 votes for Biden, 1,610,007 for Trump, and third party candidates having 38,414, 5,253 and 5,205. That’s a total of 3,289,421. That voter turnout, using the same benchmarks, would be 72.5%.

The updated vote number cited above, 3,297,420, yields a turnout percentage (based on voting-age adults, not registered voters) of 73%. Milwaukee County reports a turnout of 84% of registered voters (Wisconsin confuses matters by going back and forth between turnout numbers using registered voters and using voting age adults). That number, updated this afternoon, presumably includes same-day registrants.

No doubt we will learn more about ballot integrity in Milwaukee and other states in the weeks to come, including, one hopes, an explanation of the apparent midnight dump of 100% Biden votes that occurred in several states, including Wisconsin.

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