Podcast: The Three Whisky Happy Hour, Election Metaphysics

Hoo boy! I’m not sure three whiskies are enough this week. Fortunately I procured a relatively cheap Islay single malt—Finlaggan—to get me through the travails of Election Overtime.

The election is still a fast moving scene, so I decided that “Lucretia” and I should take a longer term view of the scene, and ponder the “metaphysics” of the election, which are not comforting to the left. In fact it is likely that “wokery” cost the Democrats badly. Above all, don’t count out Trump, both because of his chances of yet coming out on top, and more figuratively for the immense and enduring impact he has had on American politics. There are reasons to be happy, even while being outraged at the brazen attempt to steal an election right before our eyes.

As we go live we see the news that the Supreme Court has ordered late ballots in Pennsylvania to be sequestered, which no doubt is giving liberals flashbacks to Florida 2000. Here’s John Yoo’s article that we mention in our hectic conversation. Meanwhile, I need to refill my glass, and fetch more popcorn for the Democratic Party infighting starting up.

You know what to do now. Here, there, and everywhere.