Talking media access

My friends at Justice and Drew on Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130 invited me to discuss the resolution of my First Amendment press access lawsuit against Minnesota Department of Health officials this morning. Drew Lee kindly clipped the audio at my request (below).

I would like to note the comments of unqualified support by Fluence Media’s Blois Olson and the Minnesota Reformer‘s Patrick Coolican on the resolution of the lawsuit. Blois commented in his daily email newsletter:

The Minnesota Department of Health tried to ban certain media from briefings last Spring. Power Line sued, and now they have settled, allowing them back in to MDH briefings. This is not something that ANY previous administration would have let get this far. The Capitol Press corps should cover this story the way the cover a COVID outbreak at the Senate. From Power Line, here’s the story.

Patrick Coolican commented in his daily email promoting the Reformer’s coverage:

Scott Johnson of the conservative blog Power Line was locked out of Minnesota Department of Health COVID-19 press briefings, so he sued and came away the clear winner in a settlement. He’s back on the calls and they’ve agreed to answer three emailed questions per week. Here’s his post on the settlement.

Scott and I don’t agree on many political issues, but we agree on press freedom, especially for smaller, alternative press. I’m glad he came away the victor.

I appreciate these extremely fair-minded comments from observers who don’t share my political views. I am especially grateful for the coverage afforded by Jon Justice and Drew Lee along the way on their excellent morning show. They were on fire today.