Things to Watch

Do I detect a disturbance in The [Liberal] Force? You can almost sense the panic on the left today. Among other items, it seems the oracular Nate Silver (who ought be known as Nate Bronze after 2016) is starting to hedge a bit in his confident call about a Biden victory:

If the election does come down to Pennsylvania and Trump wins it, will Democrats ponder whether pandering to environmental extremism on fracking cost them the White House?

Keep your eye on California’s Proposition 16, which would roll back Proposition 209’s prohibition on race-based college admissions, public hiring, and public contracting. Several polls show the proposition is losing, even among Hispanic voters. If Prop. 16 goes down while Biden wins California by 25 points, it ought to be a sign even to California’s left that majority opinion in this liberal state is not in sympathy with the diversicrat identity politics oaths.

Prop. 16’s proponents say we need race-based favoritism to promote “diversity,” but it is increasingly clear that what is really desired is a simple racial spoils system. I’d like to hear some time some benchmarks for achieving diversity, because in many ways we’re already there. Consider this recent data our pal Mark Perry has teased out of U.S. Department of Education data—the proportion of black and hispanic women enrolled in college is now higher than white males: