Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll advises: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP. She writes:

Okay, friends. It isn’t over yet because I haven’t even sung. I was completely confident that Trump would win and I was right. But, I “misunderestimated” the MASSIVE amount of cheating that had to go on to try to prevent our victory.

Can the Left pull that off in broad daylight? Why not? “Mostly peaceful” Antifa Democrats attempt to set fire to an apartment building with PEOPLE in it. No arrests. No problem attacking cops or Trump supporters in broad daylight. No consequences for looting or arson right on camera. Why not steal votes in plain sight? If you can get a dolly to transport your loot out of a Walmart, why can’t your fellow Democrats get a flashdrive with over 20,000 votes on it – miraculously ALL, yes, ALL– for Joe “Hairy Legs” Biden. The odds against that happening must be astronomical.

If the Forces of Evil prevail, we would have an Executive Branch run by a senile kleptocrat, pathological liar, and influence peddler with a bad temper. Imagine if Hunter Biden really IS the “smartest person” Joe knows, as he claims. A drug addict who leaves a crack pipe and his ID in a rental car! Genius! On the other hand, I never figured out how to get $83,000 a month for nonexistent expertise in Ukrainian utilities, so how smart can I be?

Crime Boss Joey “Hairy Legs” Biden chose a Vice President who is a light tan Indian woman. She rose through the political ranks by attaching herself in various ways to a married politician. In addition to that stellar accomplishment, she could become the first woman President to do a spot-on impression of Butterfly McQueen in Gone With the Wind.

Though a California girl raised in Montreal, as the campaign wore on, she developed the speech pattern of a little black girl from Mississippi. Kamala came just an inch from shrieking “I don’ know nuthin’ bout birthin’ babies, Mizz Scarlett” in her final speeches to 15 honking cars. Kamala’s mother is from the highest of the high caste of Brahmins in India and she has never spoken like that in her life. Her Mama should have named her Kamille-eon.

Kamala is a terrible Senator and, depending on how this theft in plain sight plays out, she would be the proverbial heartbeat away from the Presidency. On the bright side, Hillary’s currency as a “First Woman” prop would be effectively ended, so we got that goin’ for us, which is nice. Hillary must hate Kamala with the white-hot heat of a thousand suns. She probably voted for Trump just to keep her chances alive.

The Third Obama Term fizzled out with Hillary’s stunning failure to beat Trump. Now the same sleazebag players would all be back there in a new Cabinet.

Okay. So, if the win is snatched from President Trump, let us recall the inspiring words of Rachel Maddow on election night 2016: “You haven’t died and gone to Hell. This is your life now.” A little perspective might be in order. Just in case. Because what ACTUALLY happened in Maddow’s version of Hell?

Not a single harmful thing. They can’t name one. Blacks, Hispanics and women got jobs at unprecedented levels. Anyone with any amount of money in the stock market did great. No new wars. Entry-level workers had their jobs protected from the invasion of migrants willing to work for even less. A fabulous tax cut that the Democrats promise to claw back.

Historically black colleges were funded generously. Black felons were given second chances. Not a single bad thing happened to gay people. Not a single bad thing happened to women. Abortion rolled on undisturbed. Birth control did not become illegal. No, you bonnet-wearing lunatics, women were NOT thrown into some dystopian future with silly hats and dowdy clothes. Gay black liars were not attacked by MAGA guys in 30 below zero weather. Black race car drivers were not lynched with teeny tiny nooses. It was all manufactured hysteria.

Many decades ago, a little four-year-old cousin of mine who was smart, spoiled and dramatic, was told the grownups were going to watch a few home movies, but that it was past her bedtime. She threw herself on the floor, sobbing, “Oh Mother! This is the end! The living end!” It became legend in our family and was invoked often for a good laugh.

Let’s avoid those kind of histrionics. We won’t knit vagina hats or clog up freeways, blocking traffic. You won’t find us torching buildings, pulling innocent truck drivers from cabs to beat them half to death, or looting Targets. Or going topless to pretend to “protest” whatever, but really just to advertise, “Hey, look at my impressive tatas!” That is not our way. But we will certainly resist the Left by any means necessary.

More importantly, let us remember that life is so much more than politics. We have faith, family, and friends. Most leftists have only misery, rage, and mental illness. Maybe the occasional pet guppy or ferret. They don’t even have real friends, just co-conspirators.

ESPN racist ninny Jemele Hill Twittted out that she had just unfriended ALL her white “friends” because white people were to blame for reelecting Trump. “That’s on YOU, white people” she texted. Speaking for all white people, thank you for the credit, and confidence that Bad Orange Man will be reelected, but thousands of black and brown people helped too. Can you IMAGINE putting something that stupid out there in public? Collective punishment based on skin color for people who THOUGHT they were her “friends”?

On the plus side, Joe Biden has promised to singlehandedly stop Wuhan Flu when every head of state has failed, no matter the approach. AND cure cancer in his spare time. Also, in the Kamala version of Paradise, though we are endowed with different talents, aversion to risk, intelligence, and most important, EFFORT, we must all end up “in the same place.”

Woohoo! If the Left cheats its way into the White House, at LEAST this will finally be the chance for a 4’11” elderly woman to be in the NBA! I must hie me to a tattoo artist at once just in case. And get in touch with Dennis Rodman for advice on a hiphop hairdo.

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