Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll draws on her personal experience to deduce CHEATING? WE DON’T SEE NO STINKIN’ CHEATING. She writes:

Cheating, it turns out, is a tricky business. Once when I was in high school, a lazy teacher did not wish to correct the final exams and had one class correct another class’s exams. Now, as it happened, a young woman friend of mine in another class was a very troubled girl. She had a drunk, degenerate stepfather. She was not a great student to begin with and was traumatized. She had told me just the day before that if she didn’t get a C on the test, she would fail the class and her stepfather would beat her. She was crying.

Now, mind you, this was before the slightest hint that we students would be doing any exam correcting. The exams were randomly passed out and as luck or Fate or Providence would have it, to my disbelieving eyes, I saw that I had her exam in my hands.

She made it all too easy for me to cheat on her behalf because she had left many multiple choice questions completely blank! (“Man, at LEAST guess ‘C’ if you don’t know! It’s always ‘C.’”) As the correct answers were read, I surreptitiously filled in a few blanks. And then quite a few more. We had to sign our names at the bottom of the exam. Uh-oh.

At the end of the next class day, I was called in to face the teacher. It turned out that I had cheated all too well and she had gotten a B-Plus, a grade she had never gotten in her life. It LOOKED like cheating. BECAUSE IT WAS. I was grilled mercilessly and did the only thing I could do: I lied like CNN. The teacher could have pulled out my fingernails, and I would have stuck to my story. Sadly, I didn’t think of saying Russia did it. When I left the classroom, I was shaking so badly I had to sit down in the hall. A miracle I didn’t have a heart attack at 16.

I believe that is a reverse version of what happened to the Democrats in Philadelphia and elsewhere. I cheated too much; they didn’t INITIALLY cheat enough. Everybody knew that in Chicago reporting the total was always delayed until downstate reported, so they knew how many votes were needed. Elections were usually pretty close. But, in 2020, the Democrats believed their own rigged polls. It was going to be a blue tsunami to rid the world of the Bad Orange Man and his hideous supporters. They must have figured that the mail-ins, the harvested and cemetery votes, and shredded Trump ballots would be sufficient. They were not.

The Orange Man had barnstormed to five, six, seven gigantic rallies a day while their demented influence peddler called a lid right after his Malt-o-Meal. Then, at about 10 p.m., it became obvious to the Chinese currency market and to the odds-makers in Vegas and to anyone else with half a brain that Trump was going to take Pennsylvania, and very possibly run the table. Holy ****, time for Plan 9 from Outer Space.

The counting abruptly stopped in Democrat Swing State cities! Nothing weird about that, eh? And what few Republican poll-watchers had been allowed within 100 ft. of the counters were kicked out. And here came boxes and bins and wheelbarrows full of bogus ballots filled out so hastily that they didn’t even have time to mark the down ballot races. Just get Biden in and the rest will take care of itself! Flash drives with tens of thousands of votes – ALL, YES, EVERY LAST ONE – for Biden in no way defies all known mathematical odds.

Once, an Engineering Major suitor of mine in college walked me back to the dorm and just goofin’ around, started tossing a quarter and having me call it. I called it in the air WRONG 27 straight times, exactly as unlikely as guessing right. He was laughing too hard to continue and said I was either the luckiest or unluckiest person he had ever met. So odds aren’t everything. I KNOW Math is hard, but, by 140,000:0, it starts to get a LITTLE dicey…

Fox News in days of yore had won the loyalty of conservatives without any place else to go for even half-way balanced news. Obama frequently attacked it by name. Fox decided this election would be the perfect time to whip off the remains of that embarrassing fig leaf of leaning right. With the tattered fig leaf gone, there they were, fully exposed in all their naked bias, butts firmly planted on the Biden scale. They called Arizona for Biden with hundreds of thousands of votes to be counted. Strangely, Texas and Florida were not awarded to Trump until the bitter end. I’m shocked they gave him South Dakota and Kansas even by today.

Humans make errors. But never all in one direction. Any more than Jack Dorsey, who looks like a stoned stunt double for Tom Hanks in Castaway, could accidentally suspend only conservative posters on Twitter because of some gosh-darn “glitch.” Please. Don’t insult us. Just admit that you are a censorious Stalinist billionaire hack and be done with it. It did bring a tear to my eye to see Joe Frazier vote for Biden. What a fighter! Nine years in the grave could not keep him from voting. At least he wasn’t afraid of COVID.

Friends and enemies alike: this was an epic disgrace. It will not stand until we get to the bottom of it. This is no longer about Donald Trump. The trust in the whole system rests on confidence that our vote counts. When Obama won in 2012 I was shocked and depressed, but fairly sure that it was mostly legit. I never once said he was not my President. Remember my lifetime Presidential W/L record of 5:8? I was used to losing. But not by blatant thievery. I do not acknowledge that Biden HAS won, but if he had won fair and square, again, I would have called him my President, though probably not without cackling like Kamala.

But not with this level of cheating. Not now, not ever. Where are all the Republican officeholders? They should be standing shoulder to shoulder with President Trump to demand recounts for the integrity of the electoral system. Where, for that matter, is even ONE Democrat? A Kirsten Sinema, say, or a Joe Manchin, or even a celebrity with a MODICUM of occasional honesty like Jon Stewart or Bill Maher? Do these massive “irregularities” not trouble their hearts in the least? I guess Lindsey Graham hit the nail on the head in the Kavanaugh disaster with Christine Blowsy Fraud. He said all the Democrats wanted was power and he hoped they would never get it.

Here’s a fun fact: In 1864, the soldiers in the Civil War were allowed to send mail-in ballots. Conspirators for Lincoln’s opponent, Gen. George McClellan, filled out bogus ballots such that one regiment went 11 for Lincoln and 400 for McClellan. A whistleblower noticed this wild discrepancy and gained the confidence of the conspirators to learn more. They were tried by a military tribunal and the DEATH PENALTY recommended. Lincoln himself urged mercy and they were given LIFE IN PRISON instead. Instructive and inspiring. Robbing soldiers of their franchise while they are on the battlefield protecting the ballot with their lives, should be seen as the outrage it is. Of course, now the same cretins that approve of cheating for Biden also think nothing of knocking down Lincoln’s statue. There is no bottom.

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