Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll is all in on SCORCHED EARTH, BABY! She writes:

In the run-up to the 2020 election, I delighted at the sight of 57,000 patriots in Pennsylvania, a 90 mile long Trump car parade in Arizona, YUGE rallies wherever President Trump went. I commented to Mr. AG that it was terribly odd that Biden/Harris had NO rallies. A couple of “gatherings” about the size of an AA meeting, if AA meetings were held in cars. Now, granted, Joe could not be trusted, unsupervised, at a mic for even 5 minutes. But all of Hollywood was backing Dementia Boy and the giggling beige trollop. SURELY they could organize a Super-Bowl sized lineup of stars and give out thousands of free tickets. But it never happened.

Curious. So why not? Not for lack of money. They were awash in it. At first, I thought they were stickin’ with the “It’s COVID” theme. Now it is crystal clear: There was no need to rally. THE FIX WAS IN! And they all knew it! “Can you say RICO, boys and girls”?

Seventy-three million of us (minimum) voted for Donald J. Trump on the rotten Dominion software. After all the astonishing election irregularities, the very next day, Unity Unicorns came out to admonish us troglodytes to knuckle under and accept the results. For the “good of the country” which they hate. Yeah, I’ll get right ON that.

To review: since 2007, we had been called smelly Other-haters, gun nuts with bad teeth, religious lunatics who hate the name “Barack Hussein”; sexists, xenophobes and homophobes. Oh, I almost forgot transphobes and Islamophobes. Just all round “phobey.” But especially, racists, none more racist than black and Hispanic Trump supporters.

Our President has been treated worse than any president in history – cursed during the Oscars, repeatedly slandered as a racist, called Literally Hitler by a woman with the IQ and good looks of a ferret, investigated for three years for somehow conspiring with Putin to steal the election, and right when the united focus should have been on COVID, a stupid and fruitless attempt to impeach him. Then he was BLAMED for COVID.

Donald J. Trump could not catch a break no matter what. Record employment for blacks and Hispanics? Pshaw…just residue from the fabulous economy of Obama which we all remember so fondly. He could have announced a cure for cancer in time to save RBG and the first question at the presser proclaiming the miracle would have been from CNN : “Why won’t you condemn the Nazis in Charlotte?”

Next, from Fox: “Why did you choose to cure cancer when so many people of color have diabetes? Why do you hate people of color? And, if I may ask a follow-up question, why won’t you condemn the Nazis in Charlotte?”

Freedom of speech. What is it good for? – absolutely nuthin’ – if you have no avenue to get the truth out. FDR could have his Fireside Chats with the American public, on the radio, or, according to not-at-all impaired Joe Biden, via television, not yet invented. These chats were broadcast without interference. Americans could hear what he had to say without being filtered.

The networks even cut away during the Republican Convention whenever a non-white person spoke. But even that was not enough. Trump spoke directly to Americans through Tweeting. The totalitarians couldn’t abide access with no gatekeeper. Jack Dorsey decided to CANCEL the Twitter account of the President. It boggles the mind. And Facebook blocks anybody trying to question obvious, egregious irregularities in the election. Game. Set. Match. Obama said in his Sixty Minutes slobberfest that it’s just wrong to allow “misinformation.”

Hillary – who wasn’t even the first or second female Secretary of State and will NEVER be the first woman President – slimed 50 percent of us Trump supporters as inhabiting the famous Basket of Deplorables. We remember. The good news is we are improving. Now deranged D-List actor John Cusack thinks that only a THIRD of us are actual Nazis. There probably aren’t 15 card-carrying Nazis in the entire USA. The brand got a little bit tarnished when The Greatest Generation kicked their asses some 75 years ago. But no matter.

A mediocre actress/crone famous for Barbarella, exercise tapes and also consorting with the enemy during the Vietnam war, joked that COVID was God’s gift to the Democrats. A quarter million dead — what a knee-slapper. Michelle Obama believes we should now all unite around Joe “Hairy Legs” Biden despite the “fact” that WE “supported nothing but chaos and division.” Yup. All those shrieking pussy hat marches, all those riots and lootings, all those mostly threatening marches to the suburbs. That was us. NOT!!

Unite? Not just NO. HELL, NO. No respect, no quarter. I will “unite” when Jussie Smollett is forced to pay back every cent spent for the investigation of his bogus “bleach and noose” attack AND then made to go on Robin Roberts’ show and admit that he lied. I don’t even insist he goes to prison. He would probably like it. I will “unite” when SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, goes to prison for the Russia Hoax and attempted coup right here on our soil.

I will “unite” when every single news outlet has to hire 50 percent conservative journalists and opinion makers that I get to pick! And I don’t mean the likes of Jennifer Rubin and Ana “Churro” Navarro and all the other wretched fake “Republicans,” none of whom has voted for anything but a Democrat for at least four election cycles. We are full up with those.

I will “unite” when The View is forced to either change its name to “One Tedious, Biased View” or to hire Candace Owens and Sarah Palin for balance. I will “unite” when True the Vote comes in and certifies every single voter registration list in every single precinct.

I will “unite” when armed U.S. marshals monitor vote counting in every precinct and guarantee a true count. If there aren’t enough, hire more, seasonally, like they do for Christmas in department stores. Or use the National Guard. My mother was a poll watcher for the Republican side every election for decades. She served with one other Republican and two Democrat neighbors and they guaranteed that their total was accurate. But if partisans cannot behave in an honest, patriotic fashion, then somebody will have to monitor them.

Though Jewish by religion, I am Irish by ethnicity. A joke definition of Irish Alzheimers is “forgetting everything but the grudges.” Works for me! Donald J. Trump is my President until he says he isn’t. Joe Biden is a mean, bullying, corrupt unindicted influence peddler, fraudulent charity runner, lying, racist, creepy plagiarist who is just a stand-in for Obama 2.0. He will NEVER be my President, just a nasty Resident-Elect for a Memory Care Unit.

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