Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll professes AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. She writes:

The year 2020 has been one heckuva rough ride. But yesterday was Thanksgiving and be grateful we must. All the important people say so, not just Yoda. The Psalmist, for example, ended that magnificent Book with “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” I have a lucky t-shirt that says “No Bad Days” on it. I wear it often despite its being just a tad snug from comforting myself overmuch with biscuits and gravy and homemade cherry pie, instead of, say, by wearing crocheted genitalia hats and screaming at the sky. To each, xer own.

Here are some grateful thoughts from yesterday after our festive Thanksgiving For Two. Thank God there was no singing, no laughing, and no shouting or any other super-spreader activities. Without our beloved but left-leaning relatives who could not fly to Arizona, the shouting was reduced considerably. So there’s that.

Per CDC guidelines, Max and I sat in separate rooms and donned masks between every bite. Who needs a napkin? We communicated strictly by texting when it was time to pass the Turkey, or the Hot Sausage, Pecan and Cornbread Stuffing; or the Fried Okra, Candied Yams, or the Mashed Potatoes, Biscuits and 5-gallon tureen of Gravy. Okay, except for the menu, I made all that up. We may have even KISSED! It was practically another Sturgis!

THANKS BE TO GOD ALMIGHTY: For blessings without number. And especially for the recent, miraculous recovery from the Wuhan Flu by my 95 year old Papa, sharing a Long Term Care facility with 12 residents and 12 caregivers with COVID. He beat it! Let that inspire us all. With multiple co-morbidities, and his last known exercise being in July — a walk at 5 a.m. in the dark and the rain cut short by falling in a puddle and breaking his hip — we all feared he would be gone within hours. Clearly, he will outlive us all. Love you, Daddy. And a YUGE thank you to all the caregivers and nurses. Angels walk among us.

TO DONALD J. TRUMP: With gratitude to the Almighty for the most impressive President in my lifetime. Sure, Dwight David Eisenhower commanded the entire European Theatre of Operations in WW2, and that might SEEM to be more important than being in New York real estate, construction and reality television. But Ike only had the National Socialist Army against him. Donald J. Trump had to contend with the unhinged hatred of every single media outlet, all of academia, ESPN, most major billionaire CEOs and especially the plug-ugly billionaire tech dweebs (Silicon Valley) who control all of social media, and every brain-dead celebrity. Not even to mention people thought to be allies, and many in truth outright turncoats playing for the other team. And oh yeah, the FBI, CIA, and IRS.

What DJT accomplished in four years takes several pages to list. His efforts on behalf of unborn babies and the working class alone are without peer. What he could or hopefully WILL accomplish in the next term can only be guessed at. I have not given up seeking justice.

But if evil should win, and make no mistake about it, we are talking about stupendous evil, then I urge this great President to create the MAGA News Network. AND, in his spare time, a new party, the American Constitution Party. Will anyone miss the supine GOP? Does anyone miss the Whigs? Frankly, I do not even care what happens with the Senate in Georgia; without Trump, I have no confidence that the remaining rent-seekers and pocket-liners will stop one fool thing that the vile retreads of Obama 2.0 have in mind. How hard do you imagine it will be to peel off three GOP squishes to join the Leftists? We gave money to help out Joni Ernst and on November 4 she was already blathering about unity.

TO MAX COSSACK: My husband of 53 years. I am very grateful that I get to hunker down with my hunky guy, even though he is getting slightly more hunky from my stress cooking. If you’re going to be in close to solitary confinement with only one companion, thank God that it is someone sweet, loving, smart, handsome, funny, and often, mercifully, writing alone in his room with the door shut. PLEASE, people! I NEED a couple hours of solitude each day. Buy his books so he writes more. As Dan Quayle noted when trying to remember the slogan for the United Negro College Fund: “It’s a terrible thing to lose your mind.”

TO THE DEMOCRATS, ANTIFA, BLM, AND ASSORTED SORE LOSERS IN 2016: Many thanks for schooling us smelly, Walmart-shopping, many-phobed rubes on how to approach any election that doesn’t go our way. We may not be very smart, but, like the lower primates, we are good mimics. We are busy knitting crack pipe lanyards to represent Hunter Biden and little Mao caps to represent his Daddy, AKA, The Big Guy.

If we don’t prevail, we will fill the highways at rush hour with “No Fair Election, No Peace” rallies. That will go on for all four years, unless our many impeachment attempts and countless investigations for blatant influence peddling are successful. We are not traditionally of the looting and burning persuasion, but you have shown the way. What a thrifty way to shop! From BOGO to SOGAF (Steal one, get all free).

Plus, when we cull out a commune in Seattle, we will have people who actually DO know how to farm. We will shriek “Eff Biden” at the Oscars, if he lives that long, and “Eff Harris” if he does not. If Willie Brown is in the Oscar crowd, we may hear, “Been there, done that.”

We have learned so much from our betters. Despite losing by 50,000 votes, Stacey “Anastasia” Abrams claims she is governor of Georgia. Then there’s Hillary. She insists she won the popular vote, which may be true if you count illegals, felons, illegal felons, the homeless “registering” in multiple locations, the walking dead, the Civil War dead. She has whined for four tedious years about sexism and Comey and the electoral college. Where was the “acceptance of reality,” the “unity,” then, hmmmm? Grotesque hypocrites!

Finally, when those serving in an administration that we did not vote for go into a restaurant to enjoy a meal, we are allowed, yea, OBLIGATED, to harass them and even put our fingers into their food. Classy. Justified. Maxine Waters has said so. And who doesn’t want to take marching orders from a nasty cretin who doesn’t even live in the district she “represents”? Then we must do our level best to put the restaurant itself out of business.

POWER LINE and THE COMMENTER FAMILY: Thanks, guys, for letting me play in this really fun sandbox every Friday. Commenters: I am so proud of you all. Collectively, you have more wit, more specialized knowledge, more insight, more compassion, more courage and more humanity than all the totalitarian losers put together, including Venezuela, Cuba, China, Cher, Bette, and Rob Reiner. I am eternally blessed to know you, even “virtually.”

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