Today’s Biden Blunder

News item: Biden intends to name John Kerry to be his “climate czar.”

News item: Oil and gas stocks soaring on Wall Street today.

Coincidence? I think not! I can think of no greater condign punishment for the International Order of Climatistas than sending Mr. Flower-Power Zipper Pull to their annual gabfests. This is the man who puts the goober in “lugubrious.” I hope and expect that he will take his inspiration from Saint Greta of Thunberg and windsurf his way across the oceans for the UN climate meet and greets.

According to Vox, Kerry has plans. And people. Apparently inspired by a zombie movie (who says irony is dead?), Kerry is touting a climate project called “World War Zero,” or WWZ. According to Vox:

It will kick off with a “major social media campaign and an initial six-figure print and digital advertising buy,” along with a series of town halls across the country to engage people and raise awareness. . . As Kerry has stressed in interviews, he wants “to be inclusive and to bring people to the table.”

And such people! Like these:

Is there any box left unchecked with this pablum? Or any celebrity left behind? How can you lose with Sting (Oh Sting, where is thy death?), Arnold, and Leo de Caprio on your side? (Wait—where’s Bono, and Katy Perry? Can any plan be complete without them?

Anyway, if you want nothing done, John Kerry is just the man for the job. No wonder oil and gas stocks are soaring today. Gideon Rachman of the Financial Times catches this point right away: