CNN Exposed

An unknown CNN insider apparently gave Project Veritas access to the phone call that senior executives at CNN conduct, I take it, every morning. So Project Veritas has recorded the last two months’ worth of calls. I haven’t yet listened to all of the recordings that have been released, but this real-time video of James O’Keefe announcing himself to Jeff Zucker and the other CNN staffers is pretty entertaining:

CNN’s conversations about the news are what you would expect. Here, CNN’s Vice President and General counsel decries the “naked racism” of the Tucker Carlson show:

You can imagine a world in which key employees of a rival news channel examine America’s most popular cable news show to see why it is clobbering them in the ratings, with a view toward improving their own product. But that, of course, is not CNN’s world.

Here, participants in CNN’s editorial call denounce the New York Post’s stories on Joe Biden’s corruption and vow not to mention them:

I titled this post “CNN Exposed,” but speaking of exposure assumes that someone is trying to hide. I don’t think anyone will be surprised by the Veritas tapes, because CNN has more or less admitted, for a long time, that it is an organ of the Democratic Party. Certainly anyone who watches CNN would understand this. Thus, its editorial conferences are just what one would expect: one long conspiracy against President Trump and the Republicans. This is one of Project Veritas’s more entertaining, but least surprising, stings.