How to lose friends & influence people

I wrote about Princeton University Professor Joshua Katz in “Professor Katz’s declaration,” citing his essay “A declaration of independence.” Professor Katz has now followed up on his “declaration” in remarks to Yale’s William F. Buckley, Jr., Program with a speech titled “How to lose friends and influence people.”

In the course of his remarks Professor Katz cites Matt Taibbi’s essay “The left is now the right” and refers to Andrew Sullivan’s 2018 observation “We all live on campus now.” Professor Katz is an exemplary figure with an important story to tell. This video deserves the widest possible audience.

Professor Katz’s remarks make for a learned cry from the heart by a brave scholar who speaks out from inside the asylum of higher education. In attaching his name to his “declaration” and following up in this speech, Professor Katz walks in the footsteps of American heroes of old.