I Preferred Whirled Peas [Updated]

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company was bought by the European conglomerate Unilever 20 years ago, but the corporate suits have continued the founders’ radical traditions. It is good business, apparently. On Thursday, the company announced a new ice cream non-dairy treat called “Change the Whirled,” in partnership with Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick tweeted about it:

Has Kaepernick changed the “whirled”? He certainly contributed to mainstreaming radical leftism and anti-Americanism. But his many far-left, anti-American statements are being memory holed by the corporate suits. Thus, Unilever re-imagines Kaepernick as an expert on law enforcement and mental health:

Chris Miller, who is Ben & Jerry’s head of global activism strategy, told USA TODAY Sports, “It’s not a particularly radical notion to suggest that police forces and policing probably are not the best way to handling things like mental health crises and substance abuse, and contextualize them for people what a different vision of public safety looks like.”

Sure. Actually, I’ve never heard anyone say that police forces are “the best way to [sic] handling of things like mental health crises and substance abuse,” but the fact is that our society, having closed the mental hospitals and having no idea what to do about rampant drug abuse, has by default dumped these problems in the lap of law enforcement. But there is no point in responding rationally to this kind of corporate spin. There is money to be made, and apparently some people are eager to buy “Change the Whirled” even though it is a non-dairy, vegan confection.

Proceeds, by the way, go to Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camps. These are not actually camps, but one-day affairs in various cities where young people are indoctrinated in the myths of “systemic racism,” and so forth. The project appears to be an ego trip by the immensely wealthy Colin Kaepernick, who is now firmly within the embrace of America’s (and Europe’s) corporate establishment. In both precincts, anti-Americanism is popular.

Meanwhile, forget Ben & Jerry’s. Superb ice cream abounds. Wherever you live, there are dairies producing excellent products. My favorite ice cream with national distribution is made by Tillamook, the cheese company. Tillamook’s ice cream is, in my opinion, sensational, although I’m guessing it probably doesn’t fit well with your diet. Still, if you see it in your local grocery store, I recommend giving it a try. There is no need to finance the far left when you buy a pint of ice cream.

UPDATE: You may wonder, as I often have, why so much of the corporate world is anti-American. My wife answered my question in one word: “China.” Interesting. I looked it up. Unilever United States has sales of $3.83 billion. On the other hand, Unilever’s sales in China are exploding, expected to grow by 400% in the current decade, to RMB50bn, which translates to $7.9 billion.

Unilever, like so many companies–Nike and the NBA are obvious examples, but there are a great many others–doesn’t mind sponsoring anti-Americanism when their real money lies in China. Especially since the Chinese Communists, unlike us Americans, actually pay attention to the political stances of the companies that do business there.

JOE adds: Not to self-promote, but John makes a great point — and explains why I and a few friends got together several years ago to create Patriot Mobile. And I’m happy to say Americans seem to like friendly, values-oriented, U.S.-based customer service — just as they like simple, full-fat, apolitical ice cream.