More than a woman, cont’d

Maria Bartiromo interviewed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy yesterday on Sunday Morning Futures just after I posted “More than a woman.” Angelica Stabile covers the interview in the Fox News story “McCarthy after FBI briefing: ‘No way’ Swalwell should serve on intel committee.”

In this interview McCarthy is even more emphatic about the unfitness of Eric Swalwell to serve on the House Intelligence Committee than in the interview I posted. Why did Nancy Pelosi place him on the committee? Why does she defend his continued service on the committee? Perhaps some day we’ll find out.

Swalwell’s intimate relationship with a Chinese Communist spy is a rather big story, yet the New York Times has yet to break the news to its readers (see search results on “Swalwell” here). In a December 18 Fox News interview — the interview is posted here — former Rep. Trey Gowdy explained why: “They’re not about to write a damaging story and dry up one of their sources.”