The Geek in Pictures: Year-End Roundup

Time for another round of miscellaneous charts and graphs that do a lot of work.

First up, more embarrassing news for California and New York (with a side order of Illinois). I wonder what these states have in common? It’s a total mystery.

Who needs rent control?

This said, consumer confidence isn’t looking so good:

Way back in 1980, Congress actually passed something called the “Paperwork Reduction Act.” It worked so well that Congress has passed two more “Paperwork Reduction Acts” since then. Judging from the COVID relief and omnibus spending mashup just passed, Congress isn’t in the paperwork reduction spirit.

Trump is being reckless with his pardons! Oh, wait:

Mexico, with ample oil and gas reserves, seems to be following Venezuela’s track:

So we’re supposedly going to all-electric cars in the next 15 years. I wonder if that edict will apply to pickup trucks, too:

Interesting graphic of news cycles in 2020:

Remember: Trump is against science, and only favors fossil fuels!


This decline in population growth is driven by falling illegal immigration and a decline in the US fertility rate:

Bonus: If you have 15 minutes to kill, this side-by-side comparison of “Zero Hour” and the parody it inspired—the great “Airplane”—is totally worth it.