A shameful day

President Trump seems determined to leave office in a manner that vindicates the vile accusations hurled at him by his opponents over the past four years. After a speech rehearsing his electoral grievances and calling on his vice president to abrogate his ministerial duty today, some of the assembled multitude followed the logic of Trump’s grievances and stormed the Capitol.

The House and Senate chambers have been breached. Someone has been shot inside the Capitol. The presidential election certification proceedings have been interrupted.

Events have a revolutionary feel. Where’s Trump? Trump has tweeted asking for peace, but is otherwise missing in action at present.

President Trump apparently has no family or friends who can talk him out of the course he has chosen to follow. Order will be restored, but not before the stench of disgrace has attached itself to President Trump for his part in this shameful day.

UPDATE: President Trump has released a recorded statement reiterating his grievances and asking his supporters to go home.

Via Tim Haims/RealClearPolitics.

JOHN adds: I take it that this is the statement Scott refers to. Trump urges his supporters to go home peacefully (while repeating his charges of election fraud), but Twitter has blocked it from retweets, likes and replies “due to a risk of violence.”