An hour with Paul Singer

Paul Singer is the incredibly successful founder, president, co-chief executive officer, and co-chief investment officer of Elliott Investment Management. Grant Williams invited him to share his thoughts on the current state of economic affairs on his January 22 End Game podcast. The podcast is posted here. I have embedded it below.

According to the description provided: “Among the topics covered in this extremely rare and endlessly fascinating conversation are Paul’s thoughts on the importance of understanding markets are little more than mass experiments in psychology, the fallacy of ‘sitting passively,’ the creation of value for clients and the corner into which the Fed and other central banks have painted themselves.”

This description doesn’t do justice to the podcast. If you have concerns that our current fiscal and monetary situation cannot “end” happily (he questions the meaning of “end” in this context), the podcast is likely to aggravate your concerns. If you have no such concerns, the podcast is likely to plant reasonable seeds of doubt. Singer’s analysis warrants your time and attention and then some, as in a repeat listen or two (as his interviewers themselves note at the end.

Paul Singer is the featured attraction here, but I should note that Grant Williams’s podcasts are collected here. Williams describes them as “a series of random walks around the fringes of finance and gain a better understanding of how the economic sands are shifting beneath our feet,” which gets at the hour with Singer. His site is here.

Recommended reading (by the interviewers): Dying of Money, by Jens O. Parsson (out of print), and When Money Dies, by Adam Fergusson (in paperback).