Another impeachment?

Nancy Pelosi is talking about impeaching President Trump if he isn’t removed (which he won’t be). She might do it. She has the votes.

However, impeaching Trump would be a meaningless gesture. There isn’t enough time before January 20 for the Senate to have a trial even if Mitch McConnell were inclined to hold one.

Rich Lowry says it’s “technically possible to impeach an official after he has left office.” But he acknowledges that impeaching Trump after January 20 “would presumably strike people as at the least very odd and perhaps as vindictive.” I think it would strike people as absurd.

At this point, most Americans want to move on from Trump, not litigate his behavior. But if Chuck Schumer and his gang want to eat up time trying Trump, have at it. There’s no way Schumer could get close to 67 votes, and a trial would be a less destructive use of the Senate’s time than implementing the left’s agenda or confirming many of Biden’s nominees.

As for Pelosi, she should be worrying about holding onto her majority in the next election. Another futile impeachment of Donald Trump would be a bad start at serving that end.