Podcast: The Three Whisky Happy Hour on the Metaphysics of the Election

Settle in with your favorite single malt for this extra-long episode that offers a deep dive into the election results with Henry Olsen, the Trump-sympathetic analyst who concludes that Democrat voter fraud did not determine the outcome of the election. He fields a lot of fastballs and curveballs from me and “Lucretia” about why so many Americans can harbor reasonable doubts that the election was run fairly—about why this election seems, as I put it, “metaphysically wrong” and challenging to basic sense perception. Henry runs through a lot of numbers that are equally challenging for the Steal narrative. He agrees that the COVID-induced voting liberalization is problematic, and that we still need to get to the bottom of a lot of problems. And if we don’t, future elections will be even worse. We cover a lot of ground and a lot of numbers, and still just barely scratched the surface of many aspects of the election and the vote count.

We also unveil on this episode the first “Attack Ad” of the Three Whisky Happy Hour campaign; you’ll just need to listen to hear who gets attacked first!

We could have gone on for two more hours easily, and in fact after we ended the recording, we ended up talking and arguing for another 45 minutes, so we’re going to have to have Henry back for another round soon.

This is an extra long episode, but worth it. Even those other guys think so, if you want to get it from them.