Podcast: The Three Whisky Happy Hour—The Liberal Learning Curve Is Flat

“Lucretia” and I begin the New Year and a whole new cocktail cycle by examining three breaking news stories (to go with three shots of whisky, of course), all of which add up to the conclusion that the liberal learning curve is flat. First, Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler is finally starting to understand that Antifa is an anarchist group that you can’t reason with like a teenager. Second, Nancy Pelosi’s fancy home in San Francisco was vandalized by leftists, which seems redundant since the Speaker is quite skilled at political vandalism without outside help. And third, we compare and contrast political and media interest in two military-related scandals: the infamous “Tailhook” scandal of 30 years ago, and the news out (barely) in the last few days that West Point is not going to enforce its honor code on 73 cadets who were caught cheating on an exam. Guess why? You don’t need to guess.

From there we introduce what is likely to be a series or a running segment for several weeks to come on “the vindication of Donald Trump.” Let’s just say “Lucretia” and extend our usual dispute about whether conventional Republicans are pathetic or merely seem to be, inspired by an old Peter deVries line about whether life is an illusion or merely seems to be that way.

The episode begins with a mystery, though: how did the Hayward household whisky inventory go from five bottles in hand a week ago to just one (and only half full) this afternoon when whisky hour rolled around? Find out how Lucretia faces no such constraint.

You know what to do now. If not us, who? Them, that’s who.