Scenes from the Biden Regency

For 30 years or more, I’ve been pointing out that when you hear someone at an environmental group, such as the Sierra Club or NRDC, has the title “senior scientist,” you can usually assume the person is a lawyer.

Hence this detail from a Northwestern University roundup of Biden’s climate science team jumps out:

Some scientists have reservations about the new team, particularly about the need to stress climate reform. Joellen Russell, a professor of biogeochemical dynamics and a leading national expert in climate science on faculty at the University of Arizona, said she is incredibly enthusiastic about the prospect of the country’s scientific future. But she added she is surprised the climate team was comprised mostly of lawyers and policy people.

This isn’t a surprise at all to anyone who actually pays attention. And incidentally, why hasn’t anyone filed a lawsuit so a federal judge can issue an injunction against further climate change?