Shapes of things (15)

You may have heard that “Amazon is seeking reconsideration of a ruling by an NLRB Hearing Officer that 6000 workers at an Amazon facility in Alabama will be allowed eight weeks time to vote by mail on whether to unionize the workforce. Amazon — owned by Jeff Bezos, also the owner of the Washington Post — opposes the use of mail-in only balloting in the union election on the basis that — quoting an Amazon spokesperson — ‘… the best approach to a valid, fair and successful election is one that is conducted manually, in-person….’” Here I am quoting the sagacious Mr. Shipwreckedcrew’s update on the Amazon story in “Twitter Attaches Warning Banners to Washington Post Owner’s Opposition to Mail-In Balloting — It’s a Potential Cause of Violence.”

Shipwreckedcrew notes “a case of serious schadenfreude” that followed in the wake of this story “when conservatives on Twitter began to circulate messages calling out Bezos — and by implication, the Washington Post — for asserting the very position that supporters of President Trump made repeatedly both before and after the Nov. 3 election, i.e., that in-person manual voting on paper-marked ballots is the most secure method for conducting an election, while mail-in balloting presents issues with regard to ballot integrity.”

Shipwreckedcrew cites “Jack Posobiec, with 1.1 million followers on Twitter, [who] sent out the following Tweet[.]” What happened next? “[S]hortly thereafter Twitter…attached the warning to it that you see below.”

When mourning becomes Electra, when satire becomes reality, we have a problem.